Creative And Decorative Paper Doilies Craft Ideas

January 31, 2023


Paper doilies have been used for centuries to decorate, enhance and embellish all kinds of décor, with the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Whether you are planning a special birthday celebration or just looking to spruce up your living space, paper doilies can be used to add a unique touch of beauty and love.

From centerpieces to cake stands, paper doilies come in all sizes, colors and shapes. But more than just being a lovely piece of scrolled paper décor, they can also be used in many creative ways. With the right product selection and creative vision, you can use these charming pieces in a variety of DIY projects and decorations.

To help get your creative wheels spinning, we’ve put together an exciting list of craft ideas where you can use paper doilies as the beautiful main material for your artsy creations. From fashionable jewelry pieces to extraordinary wall art accents – these ideas will show you that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to these decorative sheets.

So if you’re looking for something new and interesting craft Ideas from Paper Doilies? Check out our compilation below!

Doilies Craft Ideas

Paper doilies can be so much more than just a decoration for special occasions. They can be used to dress up homemade cards, frame art works and to create unique decorations. Crafting with paper doilies can be a fun and creative activity and can help you to develop your skills in the world of paper crafting.

Let’s explore some of the doilies craft ideas that you can use in your home:

Doily Lampshade

A doily lampshade is a great way to add unique, handmade charm and texture to any home. With an arts and crafts store and some doilies, you can create an elegant lampshade in just a few steps. You’ll need to choose the right style of lampshade that will provide enough space for your design. A drum or cone shaped shade works best as they both provide ample space between the top and bottom frames, allowing you plenty of room to arrange your doilies.

Once you have chosen your perfect shade, select your doilies. Paper lace works well for this project because it can be cut easily and has a delicate look. If you don’t have paper lace on hand, you can use crochet or even fabric for a more dramatic effect. Once all of your materials are gathered together, it’s time to start crafting!

Begin by positioning scissors below the top frame of the lampshade in order to create even cuts across the circumference of the shade. Cut out small sections at a time around the circumference so that each piece will fit snugly against one another when overlapping them back onto the frame. By overlapping each piece slightly onto itself, instead of resting them separately in the shape of circles, you can form waves that give off heat prism effects when illuminated from above with light bulbs in place inside.

Finally, glue down all edges along with any loose ends that may fray away from necessary placement within the frame as needed with non-flammable adhesive for safety purposes as recommended by a trusted craft store employee familiar with lights repairing precautionary techniques and approaches done via what is known as upcycling craftsmanship in order to produce beautiful pieces like never before seen inside private residences!

Doily Bowl

Doily bowls are one of the most popular and easy doilies crafts, as they encourage you to be creative when designing them. This craft is a great way to upcycle paper doilies into beautiful decorations for your home. They make for great gift ideas as well!

Start by shaping a cardboard bowl that is slightly bigger than the size of the paper doily you are using. Place the doily on top of the bowl and secure it in place with fabric glue or double-sided tape. To give your bowl more structure, apply another layer of fabric glue over the surface of the doily and let it dry until it’s stiff.

To add color and extra decoration, gluing pieces of leaves, colorful ribbons, or other craft materials onto your bowl can suddenly transform an ordinary doily into something unique. Once complete, your DIY doily bowl can sit beautifully in your living room or in someones’ bedroom as an eye-catching display piece!

Doily Garland

Doily garlands are a great way to add some pretty vintage charm to any living space. They can be used in the home in many different ways, including on mantels, window treatments and more.

To make a doily garland for your home, you will need two styles of doilies – one flat style and one slightly more frilly style. Begin by cutting small strips or holes into the flat doilies. Cut small strips from the frilly doilies as well to make them fit with the flat ones nicely. You can use either thick thread or twine to string the pieces together, alternating between the frilly and flat pieces as you go. When you’re finished, tie each end of your garland onto objects that suit your decor objectives – such as curtain tie-backs or an attached hook – for a beautiful doily display!

Doily Picture Frame

Doily Picture Frame is a creative and decorative craft idea that can be used to display photos in your home or office. This simple project is easy to make, using paper doilies in different sizes and shapes.

To make this charming frame, you will need the following materials:

  • Paper Doilies in different sizes and shapes
  • Scissors
  • White cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Once you have gathered all the supplies, begin by tracing a photo frame shape on white cardstock with a pencil, using a ruler for straight lines. Cut out the shape and set it aside. Next, take the paper doilies and arrange them around the frame shape, overlapping them so they overlap slightly at the edges. When you’re satisfied with how they look, glue them to the white cardstock with a glue stick and let it dry. Finally, attach your photograph to the center of your picture frame with glue and your doily picture frame is ready to hang!

Tips and Tricks

Paper doilies are an inexpensive, versatile crafting material that can be used to create a wide variety of decorative items. From custom greeting cards to wall art, there are plenty of creative ways to use paper doilies in crafting projects.

To help you get started, here are some tips and tricks for working with paper doilies:

Choose the right paper doilies

When selecting paper doilies for your project, it’s important to consider the size, color, and shape. Paper doilies come in both round and rectangular shapes and a variety of sizes from 3” to 12”. Colors range from bright white to colored varieties in shades such as light blue, pale pink, teal green, coral red and more.

Choose the ones that best suit your project according to the color scheme of your space or between coordinating colors for a more eclectic look.

To give your project an extra special touch you can add glittery metallic edges or embossed designs to the paper doilies. You may also find them with dimensional forms like frills or flairs giving a unique yet elegant feel that will add texture to your craft projects. Making sure that you select durable quality doilies is also key since they will be subject to handling during creation as well as end use after completion – so opt for thicker varieties if possible.

Use a variety of colors and patterns

Paper doilies are a beautiful and inexpensive way to dress up any project — whether it’s a craft project or home decor. With so many colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from, you can easily create decorations that are both fun and elegant. Here are some tips for using paper doilies successfully in your next projects.

  • When choosing paper doilies for a project, variety is key. Look for an array of colors, from subtle pastels to bold brights and classic black-and-white designs. You can go for a more subtle look with just one color palette throughout the project, or select different colors of doilies for more contrast and visual interest.
  • Try mixing prints in various sizes and shapes — circles, scalloped edges, intricately cut lace — to achieve your desired look.
  • Additionally, try combining different materials like felt or burlap with the paper doilies to add texture as well as color diversity.

Experiment with different techniques

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Paper doilies can be used for a variety of crafts to create decorative and useful items. Whether you’re looking for projects to do with kids, looking for something to brighten up your home or just trying to find new craft ideas, paper doilies are a great resource.

From simple project ideas like a star garland or paper snowflake wreaths to more advanced decorations like a door frame wreath and 3-D Christmas trees, paper doilies are versatile and can be used in both creative and practical ways. Not only will they help spruce up any space, but they give you the opportunity to get creative and make something unique every time.

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