Fall Decor That You’ll Adore!

June 14, 2022

a 3D tree

Adding some rhinestones to a simple DIY felt tree will add sparkle.

Thick cardboard, autumn-themed felt, glue, and brown electrical tape are all you’ll need.

Then do it: It’s easy to make a 3-D Tree by downloading the free tree design and cutting it out of two pieces of cardboard. The 3-D Tree template diagram has dotted lines for cutting slits in the trees. Apply glue to the joints where the two trees meet and slide the one with the bottom slit over the one with the top slit. For extra support, wrap the tree’s trunk in brown electrical tape. Don’t worry if your felt leaves are different shapes and sizes when you glue them to the tree.

An Encrypted Message

Make a beautiful table centerpiece or window-sill decoration out of repurposed bottles.

Vinyl, empty brown jars, craft scissors, Mod Podge, and bundles of wheat are all you need to get started.

If your bottles have labels, soak them in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes, and then use a soft cloth to remove the bottle’s label. Print out the word “FALL” in your preferred font on your computer. Cut out your design using craft scissors after tracing it onto some vinyl sheets. To adhere the letters to the bottles, apply Mod Podge to their backs. In the final step, place a bunch of wheat stems into the bottle.

Mama and Papa Fox’s Crafts for Kids

You can create a pair of stylish foxes out of felt and styrofoam in just a few minutes. It’s a great way to keep your kids occupied and add a little flair to your living room simultaneously.

A Felt Leaf Garland.

Add a pop of autumnal color to your home by stringing these felt leaves together.

Cardboard or paper felt in various colors, brown or black thread, and scissors are all required.

Then do it: Make a few leaf templates by tracing or freehand drawing a few genuine leaves. Trace your template onto a variety of felt colors and cut them out. Using a sewing machine, stitch in the leaf veins. Simply keep going without cutting the thread to make a colorful garland out of your threaded leaves.

Colored Leaves

Make a stunning branch decoration for your home by having your children sponge paint some paper leaves.

A hot glue gun and a variety of art supplies (including leaves) are all you’ll need to complete this project.

Then do it:

  1. Using a leaf from your garden, trace it onto drawing paper, and cut it out to make a stencil.
  2. Dip your sponges in acrylic paint after cutting them into 1- or 2-inch blocks.
  3. Mix and match the colors of your leaf cutouts as you go.
  4. Attach the dried leaves to a branch in your yard using hot glue.

A single branch can be placed in a vase, or you can repeat the process to form a larger bundle of branches.

A tree pillow

This pillowcase can easily be included in your fall decor with a little paint and fabric scraps.

To make this pillowcase, you’ll need A white pillowcase, a tree template; freezer paper; foam brush; Craft Knife, Brown Fabric Paint, Fusible Webbing, and Sewing Machine.

Then do it: Create a free tree template by printing it out, placing it on a sheet of freezer paper, then cutting it out with a craft knife, and using a freezer paper, iron the design onto your pillowcase (no steam). Make a tree out of brown paint by sponging it on. Once it has dried, remove the template by peeling it away from the paper. Then, iron the webbing onto the fabric scraps and cut out 15 or more eye-shaped pieces. Stitch each leaf around the tree limbs, then iron them into place (stitch from tip to tip of the leaf with coordinating thread).

Paint-Posed Acorns

Fill a vase with these painted acorns to add a dash of color to your mantle or table.

An acorn, acrylic paint (white, blue, and brown), and a paintbrush are all you’ll need for this project.

Make it: Apply a foundation layer of white paint to the entire acorn to ensure that your colors stand out. Once the paint has dried, paint the bottoms of the acorns a bright color, such as this teal, and brown on the tops. You can showcase your finished product in a glass container by applying Mod Podge to the surface.

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