Ideas for Kids to Make Spectacular Summer Crafts

June 14, 2022


It’s a great idea for kids to gather some on their next beach outing and then change them into cool room decor or gifts for pals.

Your (or a Friend’s) Name: Isn’t everyone entitled to have their name on the door? (Right!) Attach a picture frame backing to a canvas sheet (found in the craft paper area of an art supply store). Use plastic instead of glass for this project. Creating beautiful letters from natural materials such as shells, coral, twigs, or dried seaweed is possible.

Raise a Rainbow: Brighten up the space with a splash of color! Make a rainbow out of cardboard by cutting out a shape. Put shells in three or four different groups. Each pile should be painted a distinct color. Let it dry out completely. Then use the same shell colors to paint little arches all over the cardboard. Glue shells of the same hue to each other.

Involve your children in the process of creating their fossils. Make three balls of air-dry clay of medium size. Cut into 13-inch-thick slabs after rolling. Use cookie cutters to make circles. Remove the top of the shell when it has been evenly pressed into the middle of the clay circles. Dry off the top with a skewer after you’ve poked the hole in it. Tie a piece of twine to a branch and hang.

Play with Patterns by Creating Your Mandala:

  1. Place a shell in the middle of a craft circular made of wood or cardboard (check the cake-decorating aisle).
  2. Create a recurrent circular design using covers, working your way out from the center—glue down your method.
  3. Tell the students their mandala depicts the entire universe when it’s finished!

Souvenir Bowl for Summer

Make a receptacle for your family’s joyful memories out of paper detritus from your holiday.

Pinch out 45 to 65 paper circles from various colored papers and printed materials you brought back from your vacation, such as maps, brochures, tickets, and pictures.

Keep the wrap as flat and even as possible when covering a cereal dish with plastic. Turn the bowl over and place it on a piece of wax paper.

Dab some decoupage medium (like Mod Podge) on the edge of the bowl and let it dry. Brush more medium on top of the circle after it has been added.

As you continue adding circles, make sure they overlap slightly to prevent any gaps from forming. Allow the bowl to dry out before using it the next time thoroughly.

Dispose of your original bowl by removing the paper bowl and gently peeling away the plastic. You can paint the bowl’s interior with acrylic paint if you’d like.

Bag for Exploration

It is possible to acquire natural treasures without worrying about leaving behind the sand, water, and filth in the process.

A plastic mesh produce bag’s top two inches should be folded over (fold outward, not into the pouch)—duct tape the resulting flap to keep it in place. The video should be on the bag’s inside when folded.

Fold a 14-inch piece of duct tape in half lengthwise to create a handle. Attach the handle ends to the bag with the video. Using a second piece of tape, sandwich the grip between the first and second layers, covering the exposed portion of the tape.

Fold a piece of tape over the opening at the bottom of the open bag. Sandwich two pieces of tape over holes in the bag to patch them up.

Creature Comforts

Make a zoo of animals out of a few simple shapes and materials. The link below provides detailed instructions for our cat. Try making an elephant, a bunny, a penguin, or a pig using the same method!

Flirtatious Flippers

Add beauty and comfort to your rubber flip-flops by giving them a makeover. Cut a 4-foot-long, 1/2-inch-wide strip of knit fabric. The end of the strip should be glued to the edge of the strap where it meets the sole using fabric glue. Apply extra glue to the strip once it has been wrapped once around itself. Add glue dots around the strap to wrap the ribbon. Trim the excess fabric after you’ve finished the belt. Make a variety of circles out of leftover fabric. Poke a hole in the center of each process using an adult-only craft knife or large sewing needle. To fix the rings, insert a brad into the holes and fold back the arms. The flower should be attached to the fabric-wrapped straps with fabric adhesive.

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