Knit-Free Yarn Projects for Kids

June 14, 2022

Tube Knitting, a No-Knit Technique

How to knit a tube knitter: the easy way! Crafts like Soft Strands and Fuzzy Friends can only be made using this.

Wrap a toilet-paper tube in two rubber bands spaced about an inch apart; each doubled over once. Rubber bands can be used to secure six ice-pop sticks in a row. Stick out about 3â “4 inches above the tube’s top. Decorative washi tape adheres to the tube. Remove the elastic bands from your wrists.

knitting with a tube of supple strands

Using only your tube knitter and yarn, you can make these beautiful striped necklaces—no needles required!

Knitting with a Purrfect Friend

For each child’s fingers, have them tube-knit a full menagerie of puppets. Or, you can stuff these adorable animals and hang them on a loved one’s tree as a kind gift.

The Loom Weaving No-Knit Trick

Fold back the shorter ends of an 8-by-8-inch piece of cardboard by a quarter-inch to construct a cardboard loom. Slit the folded ends 3â “8 inches apart, evenly spaced 1â “2-inch vertical slits.

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, you can teach your child how to weave a beautiful wall hanging. It’s a unique, handcrafted present that’s totally in trend now.

Stitching is the No-Kit Trick:

Bring joy to Grandma and Grandpa’s holiday season with a hand-stitched card they’ll cherish for years to come. Even tiny hands can assist with these methods.

Double-stick tape to adhere an image to the middle of a card and create a “cross my frame” effect. Use a 1†“8-inch hole punch to punch two rows of holes around the photo. The Martha Stewart Crafts $25 screw punch is ideal for making folded cards. Pull the yarn diagonally over the top left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner with a plastic needle. Stitch a single diagonal stitch around the card, then tie a knot at the end of the row. Xs can be made by starting a new thread and repeating the process another way.

Using double-stick tape, adhere to an image in the middle of a paper card. Punch one row of holes around the picture with a 1†“8-inch hole punch, then thread a plastic needle with yarn. Take a hand and pull it up through the upper left hole, then down through the hole directly below it. Continue around the photo and then tie it off.

Stitching: Graphics Made From Yarn

Snowflakes can be made by downloading and printing the pattern. Washi taped the template on the card, then punched holes in the paper and the template with a screw punch. But don’t get rid of the template. Follow the arrows on the template with a plastic needle and yarn. To spell out words, apply the over-under technique from the template. If desired, switch to a new color of yarn and repeat the process.

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