You Can Make Your Own Holiday Cards and Tags at Home

June 14, 2022

Crafting your holiday cards and tags is a great way to add a personal touch. You don’t even have to be an artist to do these projects; even kids can join in the fun.

Vintage Cheer

They can be mailed to friends or used as a decoration on top of gifts. A simple holiday design can be drawn on the front of a cardboard square. To sew through the design, use a needle, yarn, and needle tool. Glue or tape your embroidered design card to a folded card and secure the ends with a knot or tape on the back of the card.

Intro and Exit Weaving

Making these woven tags is easy, and they’ll add a dash of style to your gift wrapping. Labels can be made by cutting a tag from card material and pasting it together. Use an X-Acto knife to make slits in the tag’s vertical or horizontal edge. Ribbons can be woven, and a message can be scrawled on to bring a little festive cheer.

On the Dot

This ornament-adorned card is ideal as a holiday greeting card and an invitation to a party. To make:

  1. Use a stamp to imprint your family’s initials on circle cutouts.
  2. Using scissors, cut a hole in the top of the circle and a piece of cardstock.
  3. Attach the two sections with a bright bow.

Add a Gift Card to the Mix

Apple Present Cards are an excellent choice for a gift to accompany your family’s emotional, homemade Christmas card. Please give them a wide range of options, including iPhones, iPods, AirPods Pro, games, music, and movies.

A Stamp Is All You Need

This stamping tag makes it easy to add a beautiful accent to your boxes. To produce, stamp three different flower or snowflake motifs onto card material using stamps from your collection. Stack and glue the cutouts after they’ve been cut out.

Jingle Bells

These cards will brighten someone’s day when they arrive in their mailbox. Cut a square from the card’s center and adhere to red grosgrain ribbon strips around it for a frame. In the shape of a wreath, put little bells on colored paper and stick them to the back of a square cutout on the card to finish the design.

Simple Tag for an Ornament

Decorate a simple tag with a shred of wrapping paper ornament. Two cardstock rectangles, one slightly larger than the other, should be cut and rounded, then glued together to form the bracelet’s shape. Wrapping paper can be used to make an ornament-shaped tag. Attach the label to the gift by wrapping a ribbon around the front and back of the title.

Snowflake with Your Name on It

This festive flake will add a dash of holiday cheer to your gifts this season. Make a snowflake out of white paper by having your child cut it out. You can cut or punch out a white circle and glue it in the snowflake’s center. Glittery letter stickers can be added on top for a customized touch.

Wreaths in 3D

A handcrafted wreath tag will add a personal touch to your gifts. To make, cut out circles from patterned scrapbooking paper with two different-sized circular craft punches. Glue dots can join the circles together to produce a wreath shape. Make decorations with a hole punch and sparkly red paper by gluing them to the wreath. Use ribbon to make a little bow, then glue it in place.

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